Improving patient care and providing cost-saving opportunities through innovative, compliant, comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for patients and healthcare providers.


Our team has years of medical and pharmaceutical sales experience, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the needs of all parties within medical distribution including patients, healthcare providers and those who interact with them.


Our experience has garnered us contacts nationally throughout the medical field, from the hospital c-suite, to long term care facilities and physician networks, to the medical sales rep -- assuring our solutions are in front of the right people.


Our goal is to improve patient care and enable better patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care. It is our mission to identify the challenges that patients and providers are facing in the evolving healthcare market and find the most innovative solutions to meet those needs, while adding the value of our extensive distribution network.



PCR for pathogen identification, analyzing the genetic make-up of the pathogen for precise detection and treatment of infectious disease. Collected via swab or urine sample, molecular testing is 3-5x more sensitive than using a culture to identify pathogens, and can be assessed within 24 hours as opposed to the 2-5 days required for culture growth.


Testing for the genetic differences in individuals which can affect individual responses to drugs, in terms of both therapeutic and adverse effects. A comprehensive medication reconciliation provides enhanced insights into the likelihood of adverse side effects and drug-drug interactions, influencing medication selection and corresponding dosages.


Extensive menu of blood tests enabling evaluation of organ and overall body function, the effectiveness of patient medications and risk factors for epidemic diseases. Also fast, accurate drug screening for general toxicology and therapeutic and drug monitoring.


Medication therapy management through a dynamic, interactive portal allowing physicians and pharmacists to provide input and receive immediate feedback on drug-to-drug and drug-to-gene interactions. Interactive tool allows providers to find the best med-to-med interactions, add new medications or reset previously added medications to find dynamic interactions, and hover over medications to view alternatives and pathways affected.


Hospital laboratory management and laboratory outreach market development through our extensive national healthcare network that promotes collaboration among community health care providers and improves hospital economics. Also provide acuity customization and study of coding and documentation of emergency services for additional revenue enhancement.